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Pasta Course

The Classic Package does not include a pasta course.

The Signature Package includes a Family Style Pasta course.

The Elite Package includes either a Plated Premium Pasta course or

Double Family Style Pasta Course


All tastings feature all seven (7) pasta selections.


*Gluten-Free pasta is available for an additional charge.

An exact guest count requiring gluten free must be pre-ordered 14 days prior to your event.


Family Style Pasta Selections

All family style pastas start with al dente penne noodles and are served with grated parmesan cheese.


Tomato-Basil Sauce

Alfredo Sauce

Palomino Sauce

Truffle Cream Sauce (+$1 per person)

Bolognese Sauce (+$2 per person)

Plated Premium Pasta Selections



Hand rolled cannelloni with ricotta, parmesan mornay, sundried tomatoes & spinach

 topped with herbed tomato fillet



Three Cheese Sacchetti (sahh-KEE-tee)

cheese filled pasta purses, roasted red & yellow tomatoes, pesto cream

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