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Linens, Chargers & Chairs

Table 1

TABLE 1: Celery Panama Linen Farmhouse Chair Bohemian Fringe Placemat Ivory Hemstitch Napkin Wicker Napkin Ring

Table 2

TABLE 2: Sky Manhattan Linen Blue Cherry Blossom Overlay White Chiavari Chair White Vintage Acrylic Charger Sky Manhattan Napkin

Table 3

TABLE 3: Iris Matte Satin Linen Candlelight Flora Lace Overlay Gold Chiavari Chair Gold Rim Glass Charger Iris Matte Satin Napkin

Table 4

TABLE 4: Mink Matte Satin Linen Mink Nora Overlay Gold Chiavari Chair Champagne Starburst Charger Mink Satin Napkin

Table 5

TABLE 5: Black Manhattan Linen Champagne Gauze Runner Black Chiavari Chair Champagne Linen Glass Charger Black Satin Napkin

Table 6 Sweetheart Table

TABLE 6: White Satin Linen Bohemian Overlay Silver Chiavari Silver Beaded Charger White Satin Napkin

Table 7

TABLE 7: Peony Velvet Linen Ivory Chiffon Runner Clear Chiavari Rose Gold Static Charger White Velvet Napkin

Table 8

TABLE 8 Merlot Velvet Linen Gold Chiavari Gold Spun Placemat Gold Rim Charger Merlot Velvet Napkin

Table 9

TABLE 9: Champagne Stormy Linen Silver Chiavari Silver Linen Glass Charger Storm Satin Napkin

Table 10

TABLE 10 Ivory Manhattan Linen Ivory Plaid Overlay Gold Chiavari Chair CC Gold Charger Navy Satin Napkin

Table 11

TABLE 11: Slate Celeste Linen Silver Chiavari Silver Spun Placemat Silver Rim Charger Ice Satin Napkin

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