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Cocktail Hour Appetizer Selections

All items will be served on a station this evening allowing you to easily try them all!


Your selections will be Butler passed during the cocktail hour of your reception.

Items in red will be served hot, items in blue will be served chilled.

Refer to your Wedding Packet for more information on appetizer selection.


Mini Beef Tacos** 

Guajillo braised beef, avocado crema, pico de gallo, cilantro GF


Ahi Tuna Tartar**

Crisp sesame seed cone, sriracha aioli, yuzu emulsion, crystalized ginger, cilantro


Chevre and Honey Tiropita**

Fig jam, pickled shallot, pecan crumb


Caprese Bruschetta

Toasted baguette, fresh heirloom tomato relish, basil, mozzarella cheese, pesto aioli, balsamic


Parma Crostini

Char grilled baguette, burrata cheese, prosciutto, rosemary honey


Smoked Chicken Bouchee

Smoked chicken salad, celery, red onion, granny smith apple, cherry gastrique, chive


Watermelon Radish Tacos

Kimchi, ginger-orange slaw, chipotle aioli GF


Beef Empanadas**

Chimichurri, roasted red pepper cream


Shrimp Potsticker

Traditional Asian fried dumpling with shrimp and Asian spices tossed in an orange chili glaze  DF


Portabella Arancini

Risotto, garlic aioli, arrabbiata sauce

**Additional $1 per person++ for Classic & Signature Packages. Included in Elite package

Contact your planner with thoughts, notes, or selections by clicking below!

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